Info about Danny Boy:

Name:   Danny Boy
Nick: Sp0oK  or  -!SpookY-Deus!-
Age: 17
Location: Worcester, MA
B-Day/Place: 1/21/85   Syracuse, NY
Music:Techno, rock, punk
Favorite band: 311, AAF, Staind, and various techno Dj's
Favorite albums: AAF- Anthology!
                      All of 311's
                      Staind - Break the cycle
Food: If it's edible, I'll eat it...
Pets: 3 dogs, 1 M.I.A. cat
Favorite color:
Sky blue, and Neon Green
Likes: Music, writing, sketching, and GAMING!
Love Life: Hrm, you should ask me
Freinds: Steff, Ben, Flink, Nick, Katy Hayes, Sarah, and all the others i cant possible name. (well i could but i'm one lazy bastage, so 347 17!)
Why I love to be an American!
My pointless poetry...
My theories on why the world goes round...
My thoughts...
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